SWT系列拖拉机SWT series tractor


SWT series tractor model is at the leading level in the domestic same power range. Its engine is R series diesel engine of Ricardo from England. The tractor model is equipped with full hydraulic steering system, hydraulic braking system and II category three-point suspension system.

The hydraulic system can choose horizontal single-cylinder , force comprehensive adjustment, upper pole sensing lifting system, vertical type double oil cylinder and strong up and down device. Transmission box uses sleeve shift and independent double clutch; working shifts are reasonable (8 forward shifts, 2 reverse shifts); Equipped with double speed PTO with national standard. Cabin uses suspension independent compact structure and wheel tread is adjustable. This model is not only suitable for various of works in dry land, but also for paddy working, engineer field, etc.

产品型号: SWT1004 |  SWT1000 |  SWT924 |  SWT920 |  SWT904 |  SWT900 |  SWT884 |  SWT880 |  SWT854 |  SWT850 | 
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